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48th Ward TIF Illumination Set For June 18

Talking TIFs in the 9th ward from 2013.
Talking TIFs in the 9th ward from 2013.

The TIF Illumination Project of the CivicLab will be visiting the 48th Ward on Wednesday, June 18th to reveal the details of the TIFs in the 48th Ward. The TIF town meeting which is being called the “Illumination,”  takes place at Emanuel Congregation at 7 p.m., 5959 N. Sheridan Road.

The TIF Illumination Project combines data mining, investigative reporting, graphic design and community organizing to reveal details of the city’s Tax Increment Financing Program never before revealed.

At the meeting on June 18, details will be shown for:

  • number of TIFs in the ward
  • how much property taxes these TIFs collected from the ward
  • how much TIF money was left in those accounts at the end of the year
  • what projects received TIF funding in the wardCL+TIP-banner-12-12-no_lines

The presenter will be Tom Tresser, lead organizer for the TIF Illumination Project and co-founder of the CivicLab. The CivicLab is a co-working space in the West Loop dedicated to collaboration, education and innovation for civic engagement.

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