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A Plethera of Issues Discussed at Lakeview Action Coalition Meeting

Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC) organizer Eve Shapiro reported on the outcomes of the recent local action assembly, held at Temple Sholom on Tuesday, June 22.

The most important items from LACs perspective are:

  • Alderman Tunney and Alderman Daley agreed to co-sponsor the Sweet Home Chicago Ordinance, which will require 20% of TIF funds to be spent on affordable housing.  This brings the total number of co-sponsors to 25.
  • 700 letters and postcards were signed to an absentee landlord and to Senator Durbin regarding a local Section 8 building that is at risk of losing its subsidy.
  • Chicago Police Department Deputy Superintendent Brust committed to work with LAC on a policy concerning the treatment of transgender people in police custody
  • Department of Family and Support Services Deputy Commissioner Estrada committed to work with LAC to gain a shelter for youth aged 18-24 in Lakeview.
  • Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA) Director of Weatherization, John Hamilton, agreed to meet with LAC to strategize on how to extend the affordability requirements of weatherized low-income multi-family buildings.
  • The health care task force received commitments from Senate President Cullerton and Representative Feigenholtz to work on state-wide legislation for charity care in the fall.
  • LAC partnered with local hospitals and DePaul graduate nurses to address barriers to health care in the neighborhood.  They hope to bring a community health center to the area to meet those needs.You can find out more about these issues and their impact on Lakeview or more about LAC, a non-profit, multi-issue community organization comprised of 43 institutional members, including religious congregations, non-profit agencies, banks, business associations, a credit union and a senior citizens caucus. LAC aims to help these stakeholders in the Chicago communities of Lakeview, Lincoln Park and North Center.LAC was a founding member of United Power for Action and Justice in 1997, a coalition of organizations across metropolitan Chicago. In 2009, LAC affiliated with National People’s Action, a coalition of grassroots organizations across the country.For more information visit:

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