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Bikers Ducking Safety at their Own Risk

While Chicago has been known for its skyscrapers, the most recent trend has been bicycle transportation on the streets. With more people riding not only Divvy bikes, but also bikes in general, the question becomes, what safety precautions are riders taking or better yet, do they even know the laws for themselves as bikers?

In this video you will see bikers with helmets, no helmets, headphones in their ears and even riding with no hands.

The law says bikers must ride at safe speeds, signal when turning, ride in single lanes and most importantly they can not carry or hold anything that would stop them from riding with one hand, according to Incidents have arose where some citizens were even hit by bikers, and in this video you will see other bikers reaction and comments. While no one can force bikers and people to follow the rules, we can only hope that they look both ways when out on the streets.




















Contributing: Sarah Tesfai and Joe Deangelis

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