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Black vs. White

Black vs. White

Which one will you choose?

Some say white is better

And black is more beautiful

Black vs. white

Which one will you choose?

Black vs. white

Why do I have to choose?

Why can’t I just love them both?

Because you can’t have your cake and eat it too

What does that mean?

You must pick the one that you would rather die for than to live with?

Black vs. white

Well, I guess black

Uh no white

Man I don’t know

Why does it matter which one that I choose or even if I choose them both

They’re still cool


Black vs. White

Man you’re a fool

Black has to keep constantly staying ahead of the game

While white sits like the dominant king

Black vs. white

Well I can’t choose

Hey well you lose

No I don’t

I actually win

Because both Black vs. white

Are my friends

You see I get to see them both together as one

And that’s the most fun

They both love each other

Sometimes yes they argue

But they end up working it out

Because they’re not thinking

Black vs. white

Man that’s in your head

Everyone is thinking

Black vs. white

What world are you living in?

Well not me

Yes you

I just said everyone is

Well I can’t choose between the two

Because I love them equally just like you

You should try it

Try what

Loving everyone equally

Just like God

Man please don’t start preaching to me

I’m not

But I’m serious

You should try to love both

Black vs. white

I don’t know

They’re so different

I know

That’s the best part about it

Black vs. white

I’m different

You’re different

Man we’re all different

But we still have to love each other


Black vs. White

I see you’re really big on this love thing

I am

I might try it



Calm down

All I said was might

I heard you but might is better than never

Black vs. white

I tried it

Found out that Black vs. white wasn’t bad at all

I found out that my heart was full of toxic love

What is that

When you love one instead of the two

Black vs. white

Hey can I ask you a question


Do you ever think people will stop thinking

Black vs. white


Didn’t you?

Black vs. White

Which one will you choose?

Black vs. White

Poet: Chris Shuttlesworth. With it being the month of Black History I thought that I would share a poem with you that was based on race and color. The main race and color in the poem is Black and white and I chose these two particular races  because of the strong historic battles that lies between the two, no disrespect to the other races . In all the main message of the poem is that our love for all people should be so strong that we wouldn’t be able to choose between no race or ethnicity whether it be Black, White, Hispanics, Chinese, etc. I say love doesn’t choose between one but it loves all through and through. I hope you get the message.

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