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Beats and Greets Unstoppable Despite Rain During WAC Crawl

As the rain began so did Chicago’s underground radio station, 88.1 WCRX-FM’s, portion of the WAC Crawl last Wednesday. “Beats and Greets” featured students from Columbia College’s Club DJ classes who played their mixed songs.

K-10CK3 dj-ing during the WAC Crawl's Beats and Greets on Sep. 18th.
K-10CK3 dj-ing during the WAC Crawl’s “Beats and Greets” on Sep. 18th.

Khristtian Locke, better known as DJ K-10CK3 (pronounced “kay-lock”) by his listeners, a music business management student,  used what he learned from the Club DJ classes to keep passing students and faculty entertained at the 33 E. Congress building during the event.

“It really helped me get more comfortable,” said Locke.

As people passed by with curious eyes and ears, Locke was focused on mixing songs so that they flowed and meshed well. He was engaged in his music in a way that captivated his listening audience too.

This is one of his main goals when being a DJ, he said: to be able to connect with the listening crowd. And he shows how important this is by greeting people that know him with a handshake and smile.

“I’m just having fun,” he said, when asked what was his direction for the mixes he was performing, which were all original and on the spot. He didn’t want to stick to one genre, so he played a mix of hip-hop, R & B, and futuristic techo sounds, while moving to his own vibe.

He likes this art form because it’s about, “being able to have control – that really does it for me,” he said with a beaming grin.

He’ll be in control with two upcoming projects, Broken Knobs and Boxed Domino, when he will have much to focus on. He hopes the two projects can be released before December through Columbia’s AEMMP Records.

In the meantime, you can reach DJ K-10CK3 at and @BLOCKonLOCKE on Twitter.

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