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Most Chicagoans brush off largest snowstorm of the year

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Last week Chicagoland experienced the biggest snowstorm of the season, but most residents took the pelting in stride.

Many areas throughout Chicago and the northern suburbs were blanketed with more than a half-a-foot of snow, according to reports.

“It’s kind of expected being in the Midwest, but it’s also unexpected at the same time because it [was] 45 degrees and sunny the day before,” said Jake Deviris, 20, a student at Depaul University.

This snowfall was wet and heavy, the type that will eventually turn into slush, which made it more difficult to plow and shovel.

The day after the storm, people were seen walking along State Street, all bundled up with floor-length coats to protect themselves against the Chicago wind.

“The key to surviving in a place like Chicago is, you layer. As long as you layer, you’re good,” said floral shop owner Rosa Yamada.

Thanks to a quick response by the city, on Wednesday, main streets like State, Michigan, and Congress were clear. But the storm did affect some CTA train commuters.

“It was slow. It took ten more minutes than usual to get to school,” said Jones Prep High School sophomore, Marbella Cervantes.

Cervantes said she was ready for the storm because the weather forecast was right at her fingertips.

“I have an app on my phone that tells me what the weather is,” said Cervantes.

March 2o will mark the official end of winter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of cold and snow thanks to Chicago’s unpredictable weather.

Listen to an audio piece about Tuesday’s storm by Katie Schultz here.

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