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Gov. Pat Quinn and Italian Prime Minister Emphasize Italian-American Business Partnership

Gov. Pat Quinn and Chicago’s main political heads welcomed Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti in a private ceremony at Loyola campus last Saturday and discussed the importance of Italian-American business partnership.

Monti said he was proud to meet the international leaders in Chicago, because Chicago is a great city and it’s where President Barack Obama spent big part of his life.

“Chicago is an outstanding city for business, culture, arts and politics,” he said.

Monti said he is proud of the activity of the Italian community in Chicago and emphasize the importance of keeping a strong partnership between the two countries.

Gov. Pat Quinn said in a private interview that it’s an honor for Illinois to have so many people coming from different countries, and in particular from Italy. He encouraged investors to consider the state of Illinois for their business.

“People of Illinois are very friendly, they are hardworking, people who understand family and education. And that’s a good place to invest,” he said.

Quinn said the partnership between Italy and the U.S. is an important aspect of Illinois. He said the alliance between Chrysler and Fiat Group has brought many jobs to Illinois, and next summer the number of employees at the implant will exceed 4.000 people.

“It’s so important that we host this [event] here now before the NATO summit,” Quinn said.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said having the NATO event in Chicago is an occasion to come together and shows the world what the city has to offer.

Anita Alvarez, cook county state’s attorney, said she was pleased to attend the event. She said she believes in countries partnerships and feels very comfortable with the Italian community in Chicago.

The Italian Consulate in Chicago collaborated in organizing the event.

Alessandro Motta, consul general of Italy in Chicago, said in a previous interview, the U.S. is the main economical partner for Europe, especially in the export of goods.

He said the crisis is affecting all the communities and in particular the Italian community in Chicago because the strong Euro facilitated investments from Europe, but made harder for Americans to buy European products.

“The exchanges between the two countries weakened because of the strong Euro but the lowering of the European change is bringing a new stability in the commercial activity between the two countries,” Motta said. “The stability of Italy is fundamental in the Eurozone, and the stability of the Eurozone is fundamental for the U.S.”

Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) and President of Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans Toni Romanucci attended the event. Romanucci personally introduced Italian Prime Minister and honor him with a gift in name of the Italian community in Chicago.


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