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Bronzeville Bike Box Offers Southside Service

Setting out on a ride, it is usually a good idea to have some sense of where the local bike stores are. From potholes to glass in the bike lanes, any ride can turn troublesome, especially if you can’t easily get to a bike store.

Waymond “The Doctor is in” Smith near the Bike Box. Photo from the The Chainlink,

For riders and residents who are cycling around historic Bronzeville, there is a new repair shop to add to your map. Located at 51st and Calumet (steps from the Metra rail station) is one of  Chicago’s newest and most compelling repair shops; The Bronzeville Bike Box.

There, Waymond “The Doctor is in”  Smith does repairs and provides bike services quickly and at good prices.  In addition select, high quality goods are offered for those that might be in need along with a number of bikes that are available for purchase.

In The Chainlink. they say, “…this confusing landscape where bike stores come and go and service is occasionally questionable the future landmark ‘The Bronzeville Bike Box’ offers nearly everything the eminent cyclist might need. “

Check the interesting tours that start at the Bike Box. From a tour focused on foraging — that means finding local edibles in vacant lots and such. It is a tour led by our local sustainable guru, Latrice Williams. On that ride, scheduled for August 17th, you will learn to identify wild fruit and herbs that thrive in the micro-climate of the South Side and get some recipes for the adventurous eaters.

If that is too raw for your tastes, join a Bronzeville music tour. This tour will highlight the clubs, bars, juke joints, basements, and churches that played host to and – in many cases – created the musical phenomena,from gospel and blues to modern jazz. Disco-poet Khari B., Spoken word musician & educator; and chairman of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music (AACM)

These rides start and end at the Bronzeville Community Garden at 51st and Calumet which is across the street from the Garden!

There will be refurbished bikes for sale every Sunday from 2-7 p.m.

via Our newest bike store and the best use of shipping container. – The Chainlink.

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