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Is Your Business Ready for the Bike Commuter Challenge?

You can sign up for the Bike Commuter Challenge  and you can encourage your employer to get involved, too.

By biking to work, you can win prizes, much less feel better and save money and energy.

There are more than 7,000 people and 450 Chicagoland companies and organizations signed up for the Bike Commuter Challenge June 13-20, 2014.

This doesn’t mean riding 25 miles to work in a head wind, if you bike to your local mass transit bus or train stop, that counts too.

Nearly 20 percent of our participants are biking to work for the first time and nearly 40 percent are women.

The Challenge site provides a trip log and all the information and tools for you and everyone in your office, to get involved and ride.

Bike Commuter Challenge 2014

See the tools and details at Bike Commuter Challenge | June 13-20, 2014 — Home.

Here are the list of winning companies from 2013. It is an interesting mix. The bike-related businesses weighed in, of course, but there were schools, city agencies, and Rep. Quigley’s office team. Add your business or office this year.
List of winners for blog

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