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Chicago non-profit to launch online community center

Approximately 2,000 people took their own lives on 18 January 1987; Michael D. Moore was one of them. He left behind a wife and three children ages seven, six and three. He was neither a bad nor a stupid person. He was a person in pain who saw no other way out. He was the father and inspiration to Jacob D. Moore, actor, public speaker and founder of
In the memory of Michael D. Moore, announces creation of the NoStigmas Project, a virtual community center with unrestricted access to mental health resources. The center will provide access to a 1-on-1 peer support, activity meetup groups, a comprehensive database of low and no-cost mental health services and a self-help toolkit available at no cost to the public.  The NoStigmas Project is the result of international cooperation to provide access to local mental health services.

Funding efforts to complete the project begin April 1, 2013. is seeking to form lasting partnerships with healthcare providers, community organizations, media creators and educational communities who share the vision of empowering a community of mental wellness.  More information about the project can be found at

The NoStigmas Project will launch on Sept. 10, 2013, World Suicide Prevention Day with a dynamic celebration of mental wellness.  The event will be the largest ever of its kind, by virtually connecting people from all over the world to events in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin and other major cities.  With live music from Friends of Emmet, inspiring speakers like Eric Arauz, author of An American’s Resurrection and a preview of Not Alone, a film by Jacob Moore documenting real people creating positive change for mental wellness and suicide prevention. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, started in 2007 and based in Chicago with the mission to raise awareness and erase the stigmas of suicide and mental illness by sharing stories of hope and inspiration, educating the general public and helping those affected by mental illness by providing them with information and support. Founder, Jacob Moore is available for dynamic multimedia speaking engagements for high school, college and adult audiences.  The diverse Board of Directors includes a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lawyer, Marketing Expert, Educational Professional and Corporate Executive.

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