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Monsoon Fashion for Working Women

Editor’s note:

In the world of citizen journalism and online publication, an editor balances the need for local content, a ear and eye for original voice, and authenticity. There are robots that can write content, and lots of spammy content. At ChicagoTalks, we usually just sigh and send these bogus stories to the trash. In this case, because it is a rainy day, and seems like it might be a rainy week, we will be indulgent and let this story about how to dress in the monsoon season through our editorial filter. It is not a local story, as any Chicagoan knows we get the Vortex season, not monsoon season, but it may make you smile as you consider somebody else’s troubles — that is, the challenges facing women who must dress for a monsoon. By the way, I think we’ll do an actual update with a local reporter as fall turns into winter in Chicago, but alas, its focus will be on dressing for cold, not for a rainy season.
[pullquote]And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.Gilbert K. Chesterton, English Writer[/pullquote]

In the world of fashion too, monsoon brings a challenging opportunity – to stay dry and stylish at the same time. For some people, monsoon is the time to either get wet or sit back and relax at home. However, if you are a working woman, you need to find a way to go out in style. With a wide variety of fashionable windcheaters and raincoats for women available, finding the right dress should not be a problem. All you need to do is to use your fashion sense creatively. Here are some useful tips on how a working woman should dress up during the rainy season.

Windcheater Online
Windcheater Online

Monsoon Dressing Tips for Working Women

If you wish to look fashionable during monsoon, you should think beyond the conventional gumboots and those large raincoats made of thick materials. Apart from making you look old-fashioned, those dresses would be quite uncomfortable to carry, especially if you are working woman. Here are the tips.

  1. White is a complete no-no during monsoon. A white raincoat or windcheater, no matter how functional it is, would be more susceptible to attract stains.
  2. As of 2014, fluorescent or neon colors are very much in the fashion trend. They make you look brighter in the dull cloudy days. If you choose to wear this dress, you would easily get spotted in heavy downpours.
  3. Some other colors to try during the rainy season include yellow, pink, fuchsia and sky blue.
  4. Do not wear wet shoes continuously. They would not only make you look shabby, but could also cause you to catch cold or fall ill. If you are fashion conscious, you can even consider carrying a pair of nice shoes in your bag. One good idea would be to wear monsoon-friendly crocs that complement with raincoat. Do not forget to keep a plastic bag with you, so that you can shove the wet shoes in it, before stepping into your workplace.
  5. Keep the denims aside. It is true that denim jeans are quite comfortable as bottom wear. However, wearing them during the monsoon would not be a good idea, as they usually take a long time to dry. Cotton pants with jeans texture or corduroys could be a good alternative to jeans.

  6. If you get drenched, you would not want your clothes to cling to your body. Tightfitting formals in white and lighter shades do exactly that. You can try darker shades and slightly lose dresses. Another good idea would be to wear stylish transparent raincoats for women. They are hardy raincoats. However, the fittings ensure that you look fashionable and stay dry at the same time.
  7. Match your umbrellas with your clothing. When shopping for raincoats online, consider picking umbrellas that could be teamed up with those. This would help to bring uniformity in your look.
  8. Consider using trench coats and windcheaters with belts and buckles. These dresses would help accentuate your figure and protect you from the rain at the same time. If you want to add more spice to you look, consider donning a pair of dangle earrings.
  9. Make sure that you keep your raincoats properly in your workplace. If the material gets a little wrinkly, it might add a look messy. So, hang it in or let it dry on your seat shoulders. If your office has a cloakroom, you can hang the dress there.

Finally, choose an acclaimed portal to shop for raincoats online or windcheaters online. Make sure that the portal has a huge collection of products to choose from.

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