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New Mayor Means Mayoral Tutorial Re-Launch

Rahm Emanuel Greets the Crowd
Image by Zolk via Flickr

With a new Mayor taking office , the Mayoral Tutorial website is being retooled. The site aims to educate the public on good public policy, critique the performance and policies of our Mayor and the City Council, maintain an investigative function on all of the Mayor’s campaign investors and their work with the city.

From guest posters like comedian Will Durst,  to some of the best investigative reporters and activists in Chicago, you can be part of ” the battle that never ends” that is our quest for democracy.
Don Washington, the site’s founder, says “You’re either fighting for something or losing everything…Get off the bench. Show up. Play games. Learn things. Have fun.” Here is a video of the initial Mayoral Tutorial.

Come out for the  Mayoral Tutorial Relauch Party!
Date: Tuesday May, 17th
Time: 7 p.m. – Until You’re Done!
Where: The Heartland Cafe -7000 North Glenwood Avenue – Chicago, IL 60626-2803
What: Food, music, comaradire, comedy and inspirational talk on a stage.
Entertainment and Edification so far will come from:
  • Artist/Journalist – Daniel Tumbia Tucker the Creator and Curator of Visions for Chicago tells us about the kind of city we could have and will have to fight for.
  • Organizer/Activist – Amisha Patel of the Grassroots Collaborative speaking about justice, resistance and hope in our city in her own incredible style.
  • Author/Activist – Anne Elizabeth Moore who’s writings include Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity and who is so …smart she think through walls and jump over difficult issues in a single bound.
  • Performer/Activist – Nicole Garneau the incredible Heat 05 piece is the closest anyone has come to holding Daley responsible for his actions during the heatwave that killed 750 or so Chicagoans.
  • Actors of Evil -Democracy Burleque will say goodbye to Mayor Daley as only they can. Singing, dancing and general riotious action will follow.
  • Hip-hopster, spoken word and lyrical goddess, FM Supreme is rapping and spoken word rockin’ us.
  • Organizer/Political Strategist – Don Washington the Mayoral Tutorial’s lead writer, ace investigator and professional problem-solver will be quizzing the audience on what they know or maybe don’t know about our new Mayor.



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