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Not Pretty, but Fun as you learn Kulturkueche (Sausage Making)

Raw sausages
Raw sausages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dank Haus presents Sausage Making on July 24th. You can view the details (and buy a ticket — this is not a free activity here.)

Are you ready to grind a whole pork shoulder? Austrian Chef Martin of Alpine Brand Sausages will guide you through the art of Wurst.

Students will make 3-4 sausages from bratwurst to chorizo to sweet Italian and kielbasa.

Attendees will take part in butchering, spicing and stuffing of two sausages and a side dish. The nominal class fee includes demonstration, recipes, one

DANK Haus German American Cultural Center was founded in 1959, DANK stands for Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress. The Chicago North Chapter of DANK, was the original Dank Haus. Dank Haus wants to preserve and promote German culture, heritage, and language through activities including, but not limited to, maintaining a center consisting of a museum, art gallery, library, and language school, and organizing educational and social programming focusing on and emphasizing the history, traditions, and contributions of Germans and German Americans.

The impressive DANK Haus building at the corner of Lawrence and Lincoln, was built in 1927 by architect Paul Gerhardt, son-in-law of a Chicago Alderman and architect of Cook County Hospital, Lane Technical High School, Von Steuben High School and the L&H Company Building.

Built for the Three Links Association, a social club, whose logo can be seen on the cornerstone and the doorknobs of the Marunde Ballroom, lost members as German immigrants moved out of the City.

DANK purchased the property in 1967 through the generosity of members who used their own homes as collateral. Over the years, DANK has been host to a spa, a business college, a restaurant, a hotel and a café.

Bike Town Bash
Party at Dank Haus Bike Town Bash (Photo credit: reallyboring)

In 2003, the facility narrowly escaped being sold by the infusion of a dedicated and energetic Board and membership. Significant capital improvements have been made over the last several years and more are on the horizon.

And yes, there is an Olympic sized lap pool in the lower level. Sign up for a list of events at Dank Haus, or sponsored by Dank Haus.


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