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Occasional Opinion: Are Cook County Voters in for a ‘Battle of the Independents’? doesn’t have a regular editorial feature; however, we are going to introduce an “Occasional Opinion” feature as our cool spring begins to slide into summer and fall into election season. If you are interested in submitting an editorial about Chicago-centric issues, please contact us. We may publish editorials or highlight and link to opinions expressed elsewhere in Chicago blogs and news.

With the announcement by the once on-the-ticket, then off-the-ticket Scott Lee Cohen, our guest editorial focuses on independent candidates and their impact on the coming election cycle. It is written by Greg Tejada and CHICAGO ARGUS.

Tejeda is a Chicago-area freelance writer who has reported on various political and legal beats. He is a South-Sider who has written Hispanic issues columns for United Press International, covered the statehouse scene in Springfield, Ill., and more. Here is Tejeda’s take on Scott Lee Cohen’s announcement and the state of independent candidates in Cook County today.

“I can think of one person who will be absolutely disgusted at the notion of Scott Lee Cohen trying to revamp his political reputation by running a candidacy for electoral office independent of the political parties.That person would be Forrest Claypool – who himself is running an independent campaign for electoral office come the Nov. 2 elections. …”

Continue reading: Are we Cook Co. voters in for the ‘Battle of the Independents’ this election cycle?.

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