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The Local Angle on Occupy Chicago, #OccupyWallStreet Covered

Former student Kevin Goztola, a long-time activist and organizer helped organize Art, Access & Action when he was a student at Columbia. These days Kevin is  The Dissenter for FireDogLake (FDL)  writing about #occupywallstreet and aiming to travel to Washington D.C. for more #occupywallstreet events.

Meanwhile, here in Chicago, Columbia College Chicago Journalism graduate Ryan Williams has a story about Occupy Chicago in In These Times, and posted a photo gallery showing the event in Chicago.

More about the larger story of #occupywallstreet and related protests here.

The leaderless Occupy Chicago sit-in continues outside the Federal Reserve Bank at Lasalle and Jackson. Mid-way into its second full week, the peaceful protest spawned from the larger Occupy Wall Street in New York City has grown from less than five ‘occupiers’ at the September 24 start of the event to between 40-50 or more during daylight hours, with a dedicated few that remain overnight.

Occupy Chicago is evolving almost minute by minute. As of yet, the group has no specific goals, although the Occupy Chicago website states that they are “close to reaching a decision on adopting the four grievances from New York.”

via Occupy Chicago: No Park, No Sleep, No Problem — In These Times.

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