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Randolph Street Market brings holiday cheer to weekend festival

Walking into the Randolph Street Market is like walking into a carnival with antique finds instead of caged lions and acrobats. Funky music from live bands fills the surrounding streets as more and more people flow through the front gates, while scents of empanadas and baked goods sneak to your nose as you are scanning the crowd, deciding on which vendor to start with. Over 100 vendors will be getting ready for the holiday season market; music and carolers, a photo booth, and endless vintage and antique vendors will be onsite.

“Just the variety of vendors there is really remarkable,” said Graham Kostic, a style expert. “Of all the markets in the city, it feels like it covers most basis.”

Kostic is creative director at Glossed and Found, an online magazine that gives viewers the inside scoop from fashion, beauty and lifestyle experts. Kostic will be onsite all weekend alongside Barri Grant, where the two will be offering their tips and tricks for holiday decor, fashion and style.

When Kostic isn’t walking around and spreading holiday cheer at the market, you can find him eyeing some of the products and vendors. “I’m tempted to buy everything I pick [out for people],” Kostic said.

Adorn512 is a jewelry vendor that will be onsite offering quality, hand-crafted jewelry to market goers. Founder Dana Mitchell started the custom jewelry shop over five years ago.

She said she would visit markets to find jewelry she wanted to represent herself with, and eventually became interested in making the jewelry herself.

“I just want [people] to be blown away by different products that they haven’t seen before,” Mitchell said.

She added that she wants people to “think that they are special, because they are.”

Mitchell was referred to the Randolph Street Market by a friend while working in a french market in the suburbs.

“Someone recommended that it was a great show and the jewelry might fit well even though it was an antique market,” she said.

Sally Schwartz, founder of the Randolph Street Market, said that Kostic’s eye for fashion trends and Adorn512’s personalized pieces will leave market goers satisfied.

“They are a real crowd pleaser,” Schwartz said. “Adorn512’s pieces are “high quality and affordable.”

Antique and vintage fanatics from all over the city come to this market for one reason: diversity. Whether you are looking for a New Year’s Eve outfit, jewelry for a stocking stuffer, or just a nice meal offered by various food trucks onsite, the market will have what you are looking for.

“You can really embrace that spirit of overindulgence,” Kostic said. “There are very few times that you can be as extravagant.”

The next Randolph Street’s Holiday Market of the season will be happening Dec. 13-14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are available at the gate or online.

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