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Reclaiming Death / Reclaiming Space : Fullerton El_

Reclaiming Death / Reclaiming Space : Fullerton El by beartnowVia Flickr: 

I passed this way a day after it happened. I envisioned this today (woke up thinking about it), on Earth Day 2011. The Flowers were there in the place where the woman died. I heard it on the news, she was pushed down the stairs–and fell–her head hitting concrete stairs. It was a robbery It happened on March 30th, 2011, at the fullerton el, about 4-5 pm when plenty of people are around. Others were pushed and fell as well. The theif grabbed someone else’s iPhone and was running away and ran into her, pushed her down the cement stairs in his getaway. you see stains where under the flowers I imagined there was her blood. Sally Katona-King never regained consciousness after her fall. the news reported she was a deacon at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Logan Square neighborhood. She lived right next door to the church, which she faithfully attended every Sunday.


I take this el all the time and walk the space, I wanted to reclaim the space for the woman and all who pass this way. They said she was a good person. Most shocking to me was the movie poster that was there at the time, and remained for a time after–this was unnerving–I could not look away–it looked as evil was there running in the robber. I added the image of the draped cross at the time of Easter. and enhanced color and drapery. I wanted to give an image as gift of her life and to those who loved her. I did not know her, but was deeply moved by this–seeing the flowers, the tribute to her. May the family find peace. Reclaiming death, reclaiming the space which I pass by often. Location shot on my cell Android: SAMSUNG Galaxy S RIP. Peace.

“Reclaiming Death / Reclaiming Space : Fullerton El robbery ends in…

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