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Schaumburg Residents Get Out the Vote

An election judge explains the voting process to Schaumburg dad George Matthew’s children.

A record number of registered voters turned out at Cook County’s 39th Precinct in Schaumburg, Illinois, with over 400 votes already processed by 1 p.m.

Judith Trent, 61, a resident of Schaumburg and Romney supporter, considers this election to be very important for her and her family.

“I don’t think we should have another four years of the same,” Trent said. But she said she believes “here is Illinois [her] vote didn’t matter very much.”

Our Redeemer United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Schaumburg and Springinsguth Rd., is the voting site for roughly 70,098 registered Schaumburg voters.

According to Cook County election officials, suburban Cook County has 1.4 million registered voters. Up from previous elections, nearly twice as many people have registered and voted during the grace period. Mail ballot applications surged 41 percent this time, and early voting turnout surpassed the previous record set in 2008.

“More than half a million Cook County voters—20 percent of all registered voters—have already voted,” said Cook county Clerk David Orr said during a news conference Monday, Nov. 5. “Voters are enthusiastic about this election and have taken advantage of the many convenient options for casting a ballot.”

Schaumburg resident Carmela Corum, 56, came to Our Redeemer to exercise her right to vote: “I want my voice to count and be heard,” Corum said. “And I definitely feel it has now that I’ve voted.”

Multiple voters arrived at the church to vote with their children, educating them on their future voting rights. George Mathews, 45, brought his three children into the church to show them how to vote.

“This will be your civic duty when you are older to come and vote,” Mathews said. “Our ancestors fought and prevailed in order for us to vote today.”


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