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Review: Dermacolor, Shades of Perfection

Have you  tried to mask some sort of blemish, birthmark or discoloration with an inexpensive foundation or concealer you found at your local drugstore. Or perhaps you splurged on a higher end product hoping for a better quality makeup. While these commercial products can be good for sheer coverage, they likely did not provide the amount of coverage originally sought after.

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Luckily, there is a rising Berlin-based company that guarantees quality foundations at affordable prices. The only catch? With just two city stores in the U.S., their product can be difficult to come by.

Kryolan, a small, family-run business launched in 1945, originally manufactured cosmetics for theatrics. Over time, the company began to introduce beauty products into the line. Though still highly recognized as a professional company for their high quality stage makeup, other products, like the foundations in the DERMACOLOR line, have become slightly more commercial.

Staying true to their slogan “We color the world,” Kryolan offers a wide range of DERMACOLOR cover-up shades, making it possible to find the perfect match for any skin tone. It was originally intended for burn survivors, said Ulrike Bege, regional district manager of the Midwest. With approximately 75 percent pigmentation, the professional grade foundation naturally camouflages any skin imperfection, from surgical scars to unwanted tattoos.

The amount of pigment is what gives the product its ability to cover such skin anomalies. Other foundations gradually fade throughout the day, but according to Bege, DERMACOLOR doesn’t. Kryolan also offers DERMACOLOR Light, with approximately 40 percent pigment, for when the full camouflage is too heavy.

Other brands of foundation contain less pigment and are why coverage is not always substantial enough. Commercial brands typically contain 15-20 percent pigment while tinted moisturizers contain to the 4-5 percent, Bege said

According to Bege, the thick and waxy DERMACOLOR is highly durable. When applied before a fixing powder, the makeup becomes waterproof and should last an entire day.

Kryolan’s beauty products stem from the same ideals that go into their theater cosmetics. Generally, the theater makeup is thick, safe if ingested, and durable so as to resist sweat– characteristics that carry over into their beauty lines, Bege said.

And both go through scrupulous testing to ensure the products are safe on skin. Kryolan is the only company in Europe to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), Bege said. According to the foundation’s website, Kryolan’s products have been proven “allergy-friendly” in clinical tests on individuals with sensitive skin and neurodermatitis, a skin disorder characterized by chronic itchiness.

Professionals have always been a bulk of the client base, Bege said, and hopes are that it will remain that way. Kryolan products have been used in movies like Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean and have also been featured in RuPaul drag shows and Miss Universe pageants.

Despite the professional draw, everyday customers are beginning to “fall in,” Bege said. Fancy packaging is not a priority so that more funds can be put towards research, and nationwide advertising is sparse because there are too few stores in the U.S., with locations only in San Francisco and Chicago. But it is possible to find Kryolan products online at sites like

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