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Students Take Part in Chicago Peace Day Event

Students from the Academy for Global Citizenship, an Archer Heights magnet school, McCutcheon Elementary School in Uptown, and other schools took part in the city’s annual Peace Day in Chicago event on Saturday.

Second- and third-graders from the Academy for Global Citizenship brought giant peace doves to the festivities in downtown’s Daley Plaza, while McCutcheon’s choir sang “This Day of Peace” and “Make a Difference” for the lunchtime crowd in Daley Plaza.

Peace Day in Chicago has been celebrated annually since 1978 and focuses on building peace in ourselves, our families, schools, communities, cities, nations and the world.

Here are images from the event.

A student from the Academy for Global Citizenship holds up a wing of one of the giant doves they created for Chicago's Peace Day event. Photo/Sarah Ostman
Flags are presented during the ceremony at Daley Plaza. Photo/Sarah Ostman
Academy for Global Citizenship students attend Peace Day. Photo/Sarah Ostman
McCutcheon Elementary students get ready to perform. Photo/Sarah Ostman
McCutcheon students sing at Peace Day. Photo/Sarah Ostman
A student from Holmes Junior High School hold up the wing of a dove. Photo/Sarah Ostman
A dancer performs at the Peace Day event in Daley Plaza. Photo/Sarah Ostman
A dove head is left behind after the crowd disperses. Photo/Sarah Ostman

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