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The Fault in Our Stars Film Review

Photo Credit: IMDB
Photo Credit: IMDB

There’s no way you can see the movie The Fault in Our Stars and leave the theater with dry eyes.

Led by a stunning performance by Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars was able to take home $48 million at the weekend box office, beating out the $29 million Tom Cruise’s action thriller Edge of Tomorrow made, which was probably thanks to all the crying women and teenagers.

TFIOS based on the best-selling young adult novel by John Green already had quite the fan base before being brought to the big screen, so Cruise shouldn’t feel too bad.

Woodley plays Hazel Grace Lancaster. A 16-year-old cancer patient who falls in love with Augustus Waters, an 18-year-old cancer survivor played by Ansel Elgort. Viewers will remember Woodley and Elgort from their earlier performance as brother and sister in this spring’s Divergent. Though with Woodley and Elgort’s chemistry in this film, it’s hard to imagine them in any other type of relationship, let a lone siblings.

[pullquote]Overall this flick is definitely worth seeing. It’s one of the best film’s Hollywood has released in a while. Woodley and Elgort’s acting feels very genuine and honest, which is another reason you will probably cry a river. And besides the fact that both of the main characters are battling two major illnesses, the love story that unfolds between them is the most memorable aspect of the film.[/pullquote]


Some people may shy away from the cancer topic because it can be pretty depressing and makes you want to cry, and TFIOS is no exception in that regard. But the film also has a fantastic way of illustrating why it’s important for people, no matter what your age is, to make sure you live your best life. Author John Greene has noted that Hazel Grace is based off his real life encounter with a 16-year-old cancer patient that taught him how “even a short life could also be a full life.” Which is a message that viewers should successfully take away from this film.

Even though anyone who sees this film will leave the theater looking like they have a serious allergy, everyone should make a trip to the theater to see this movie, okay?

You can catch Woodley and Elgort in their next project together Insurgent being filmed now and hitting theaters March 20, 2015.


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