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Waukegan’s Lakehurst Center hosts Día de los Muertos celebration

El Día de los Muertos is an annual holiday dating back almost 3,000 years to its roots in Mexico. It features symbolic traditions, vibrant colors and faith-based practices that connect the living to the dead. Since it’s inception, the celebration spread to other Latin American countries, as well as the United States. 

Waukegan, where the Latino population is 53.4%, came together on Nov. 4 to celebrate the holiday at the Lakehurst Center. Attendees shared traditional foods, dances and clothes to honor their culture and the loved ones that are no longer with them.

A child beside the Ofrendas table, where pictures and personal items are placed to honor and remember loved ones that have passed. Photo by Sofia Oyarzún.
Taquería Guadalajara cooks made-to-order tacos al pastor and carne asada style for attendees of the event. Photo by Sofia Oyarzún.
Attendees admire traditional jewelry being sold by Claudia Perales’s “La Mistica.” Photo by Sofia Oyarzún.

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