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Poem: What’s my Sexuality?

What’s my sexuality?

This is what they asked before they get to know me.

What’s my sexuality?

This is when I know oh here comes the judging.

They asked again…

What’s my sexuality?

And that is when I wonder do they really love me?

What’s my sexuality?

They still ask…

And I wonder…

Why does it even matter to you?

Why do you even care?

Why is it your goal to know what’s my sexuality?

Are you marveled by it?


Is there hatred inside?

Or does the spirit that you have just refused…

Refuse to see that I am human just like you.

But still I find that my questions are no use because they still ask…

They still ask…

What’s my sexuality?

If I wear loose jeans

Women say I’m straight

If I dress different

Brothers say ‘No he’s Gay’

If I look different

Others shout Bi

And then if they are so confused to know whether I’m straight, gay or Bi

The word transgender comes into play

But still I don’t tell.

And that’s when they ask again what’s my sexuality?

But still why does it matter?

Why does this one question have the whole world set apart?

I mean think about it

The question has urban communities calling people who are different Gay

And now being weird is considered even gay

The church as a whole can’t make up their mind

And in the outside world

Some don’t ask

Some don’t care

And some are even scared to share

But still why does it matter?

Why is this question debated throughout the world?

Why can’t we all love like Christ loves?

Let’s all love each other

Before trying to change one another

Let’s find out what we have in common

Before throwing up hatred

In the midst of countless faces

Sometimes I think we confused Jesus’s love and his process of new

We just don’t get it

Do we?

Well let me break it down to you

The reason why so many people became new after an encounter with Jesus

Is because his love for people was so strong

That when he spoke

People didn’t listen to his words

But they felt his heart

They felt his love so much

That when he did speak

They knew it was out of love

Not out of anger



Or even Curiosity

But out of Love

So the child in me wonders

When will the question

What’s your sexuality?


And when will people help use


To bring Peace.

poet Chris ShuttlesworthThe poet is Christopher L. Shuttlesworth. Chris chose this subject because it affects all types of people in the world. Whether it be the young, old, rich, poor, white, black, gay, straight, bi or even a transgender. Everyone has been judged and has judged people. The message of the poem is to first show people love before trying to figure out their sexuality or even trying to change them into being like you.












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